The KoalaOps ChatOps Gen-AI Assistant is now available!

KoalaOps Changelog

Follow all of our recent product improvements

February 2024

  • Horizontal Pod Autoscaling configuration for each service environment.
  • Tracing support (beta) with Open Telemetry - Support for an Open Telemetry & Grafana-based tracing, across services, out of the box.
Minor changes:
  • Streamline service creation flow and service import flow from existing repos, with smarter defaults, autocomplete, validations, and more.
  • Improved backend error handling.
  • Stabilize new preview ChatOps tab with various UI and performance improvements.
Bug fixes:
  • Misc performance and stability and security improvements.
  • Fix edge case impacting new user accounts.
  • Fix minor navigation and UI rendering issues.

January 2024

  • Chatops (Preview) - The KoalaOps ChatOps Assistant is available in the context of a specific Service. You can find the assistant in the “ChatOps” tab of any of your services. The assistant is fully aware of your service’s configuration out of the box and can create PRs for your service according to your requirements.
  • Import existing service (from single repo or monorepo) - You are now able to import services from existing repositories.
  • Support for all major Container Registries.
  • New Service Templates - Python FastAPI template.
  • Initial Bitbucket support.
Minor changes:
  • New env vars view.
  • Allow showing OpenAPI (Swagger) view from live services, not just yaml files.
  • Significant UI latency improvements via smarter optimized caching.
  • Minor Go service template updates (Go version, OpenAPI generated code).
  • Many small UI improvements.
Bug fixes:
  • Fix loading CRDs in the UI in some cases.
  • Fixed bugs where not all data in the UI was loaded depending on the page you started at / refreshed.
  • Fixed a couple of rare potential UI crashes.

December 2023

  • Trigger Build & Deploy workflows directly from the UI. On-demand, from any branch to any env!
    mport Repository - Support for importing existing repos through the UI.
Minor changes:
  • Added cloud provider indication to clusters page.
  • Prevented creating a service with multiple “auto-deploy” envs. 
  • Improved logs tab layout, now with easy switching between containers instead of a long scroll.
Bug fixes:
  • show all ports available for port-forwarding in the UI, with explanations and the ability to easily copy-paste.

November 2023

  • Full AWS Support: KoalaOps now offers General Availability support for AWS, in addition to our existing support for GCP. Enjoy the full range of KoalaOps capabilities on both cloud providers.
  • Monorepo Support: We've expanded our support to accommodate monorepos built on the popular turborepo bundler and build system. Whether you're managing micro-services with separate repositories or separate workspaces within a monorepo, KoalaOps has you covered.
Minor changes:
  • Enhanced Environments: Experience an enhanced interface for managing environments. Seamlessly view and manage services within each environment, and deploy specific service versions to multiple environments simultaneously in a batch deployment.

October 2023

  • Control Plane page for configuring management cluster and GitOps.
Minor changes:
  • Improved error handling and errors displayed in the UI.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed bug with cleanup instructions not showing up after service deletion from Koala Ops UI.
  • Fixed minor rendering issue in new service dialog.
  • Stopped unintended auto-reload of pod logs.

September 2023

  • New logs viewer option, in addition to raw plaintext logs.
  • New Observability tab, currently with metric collection instrumentation using Google Managed service for Prometheus.
  • Significantly improve UI latency for most common operations (view service list, view single service), through a combination of better caching, parallelization and lazy retrieval..
Minor changes:
  • Links to GCP console from pod details in envs tab.
  • Improved rendering of “loading” and backend errors.
  • Improved listing git tags in deploy pages, to show more relevant tags, sort and bucket them by category (e.g. if using semver or not).
  • Create service: add autocomplete to several fields based on existing services in the organization.
  • Improve and unify agent installation instructions and command.
  • Added time info to "release in progress" message in main tab.
  • Improved rendering of loading / created pull requests.
  • Allowed modifying the service Description from the UI.
  • Improved rendering of CI/CD workflows tab to be more consistent, sorted.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed race condition sometimes showing error on new service creation.
  • Fixed rendering errors in batch-deploy page.
  • Avoided excessive calls to Github API that could result in exceeding quota and errors.

August 2023

  • Agent is now versioned, and Clusters List page shows version and whether an update is considered required/recommended.
Minor changes:
  • Improvements to Clusters List page.
  • Improved Service List page, add service description and icons.
  • Show “Last deployed by” in main service page (if annotation exists in k8s).
  • Errors now render in a more user-friendly way, with additional raw details hidden by default in an expandable component.
  • Improved dark mode.
  • Prevented multiple concurrent deploys to the same env in Github Actions.
  • Small visual improvements to Environments tab.
Bug fixes:
  • Prevent background refresh from removing service API data from the UI.
  • Fix Github link in Slack messages.
  • Fix multiple bugs related to Ingress and SSL configuration.
  • Fix bug with updating Environments for a service.
  • Fix bug in batch-deploy page for organizations with a lot of Github repositories.