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KoalaOps Changelog

Follow all of our recent product improvements

October 2023

  • Control Plane page for configuring management cluster and GitOps.
Minor changes:
  • Improved error handling and errors displayed in the UI.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed bug with cleanup instructions not showing up after service deletion from Koala Ops UI.
  • Fixed minor rendering issue in new service dialog.
  • Stopped unintended auto-reload of pod logs.

September 2023

  • New logs viewer option, in addition to raw plaintext logs.
  • New Observability tab, currently with metric collection instrumentation using Google Managed service for Prometheus.
  • Significantly improve UI latency for most common operations (view service list, view single service), through a combination of better caching, parallelization and lazy retrieval..
Minor changes:
  • Links to GCP console from pod details in envs tab.
  • Improved rendering of “loading” and backend errors.
  • Improved listing git tags in deploy pages, to show more relevant tags, sort and bucket them by category (e.g. if using semver or not).
  • Create service: add autocomplete to several fields based on existing services in the organization.
  • Improve and unify agent installation instructions and command.
  • Added time info to "release in progress" message in main tab.
  • Improved rendering of loading / created pull requests.
  • Allowed modifying the service Description from the UI.
  • Improved rendering of CI/CD workflows tab to be more consistent, sorted.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed race condition sometimes showing error on new service creation.
  • Fixed rendering errors in batch-deploy page.
  • Avoided excessive calls to Github API that could result in exceeding quota and errors.

August 2023

  • Agent is now versioned, and Clusters List page shows version and whether an update is considered required/recommended.
Minor changes:
  • Improvements to Clusters List page.
  • Improved Service List page, add service description and icons.
  • Show “Last deployed by” in main service page (if annotation exists in k8s).
  • Errors now render in a more user-friendly way, with additional raw details hidden by default in an expandable component.
  • Improved dark mode.
  • Prevented multiple concurrent deploys to the same env in Github Actions.
  • Small visual improvements to Environments tab.
Bug fixes:
  • Prevent background refresh from removing service API data from the UI.
  • Fix Github link in Slack messages.
  • Fix multiple bugs related to Ingress and SSL configuration.
  • Fix bug with updating Environments for a service.
  • Fix bug in batch-deploy page for organizations with a lot of Github repositories.