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The Future of Self-Service Development on Kubernetes

Effortlessly build and deploy your services on Kubernetes. It's as easy as managed PaaS, but on your own cloud account and with all the power and flexibility of Kubernetes. Production-ready with out of the box best practices for monitoring, seamless rollouts, secrets management, and more.

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Effortless cloud deployment

Deploying applications into your cloud account is a breeze with Koala. Use our Internal Developer Platform (IDP) to fully manage your deployed services.

Best of breed tools

KoalaOps provides a curated selection of the leading top-tier development infrastructure tools for monitoring, alerting, seamless rollouts, secret management, and more. Alternatively, you can integrate your own favorite tool of choice.

Fully configured out-of-the-box

Set up your entire development platform in minutes with built-in best practices and proven golden paths that you can further tailor to your needs.


Fully provision your development platform with everything that your developers and devops engineers will ever need!

  • Cluster provisioning and addons
  • Multiple Environments (with Kustomize and Helm)
  • Secret Management
  • IAM
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Deploy and manage your services. Easily create new services and manage your service catalog with Koala’s Internal Developer Platform (IDP).

  • Service catalog
  • Templates for new services
  • Continuous Integration
    (e.g. Github Actions)
  • Continuous Deployment
    (e.g.  ArgoCD)
Koala list of Services


Set up and manage your entire observability stack with logging, monitoring, alerting, and tracing. Choose from the best open-source tools such as Prometheus and Grafana, your cloud provider’s tools, or we can set you up with the best 3rd party offerings.

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